Timeline & Credentials

In 2011, I moved across the world with nothing but two suitcases. My (now) husband had been a foreign exchange student at my high school, and we decided it was time to end the “long-distance“ part of our relationship right after I graduated. 

Once I had arrived in Germany, I first did a year-long internship at a private school and worked with kids ages 5 to 12 in small groups to improve their English skills. I’m not sure if I should count this as a success as an expat or a fail as a tutor, but by the end of the year, I was the one who had become fluent in another language.

Matthis and I were both 19 years old when we got married in 2012.

I then took part in a three-year-long work/study apprenticeship program and acquired the German equivalent of a degree in business/office communication “Ausbildung zur Kauffrau für Bürokommunication.“ I continued working full-time until my son was born in 2017.

In 2019, my daughter was born, and what had already become a great inspiration for my everyday life as a mother, continued to grow into something more. 

In 2020, I took a RIE® Foundations Course and received a certificate in the field I’m most passionate about: Respectful Parenting.

My heart burns to help and inspire families to build deep connections, respectful relationships, and healthy homes — from the inside out.

Now, the rest of the story is just waiting to be written!


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