“Pause” – handmade stoneware cup


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Sometimes the greatest impact comes from doing the same things… differently

How often have you gone to take last sip of coffee or tea, only to lift an empty cup to your lips, instead of being met by a warm drink?

What was meant to be something to fill your tank, ended up being nothing more than a mindless going-through-the-motions.

Consider this cup your invitation to pause, to lean into presence, to cultivate a culture of enjoyment — even if it’s only for one single sip, before you get swept up in the busyness of going about your day or a small voice calls out, needing you once again.

Just two little lines etched into the side of this cup should be your reminder to pause. 

Be where your hands are.

And not only take a drink, but allow the moment to fill your tank.

It’s not the mountaintop moments that matter most. It’s a million little mundane things that compile our lives.

The difference isn’t only what you do — the greatest impact lies within the “how.”

Can a moment of pause change your life? 

For me, it has! 

So why don’t you find out!



Be here

Handgefertigt in Schwäbisch Hall von Heckmann Keramik, ein Betrieb in vierter Generation

Weight1 kg
Dimensions15 × 20 × 30 cm



Höhe: ca. 10cm
Durchmesser: ca. 5cm.
(Da die Tassen handgemacht sind können geringfügige Abweichungen auftreten)






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