When I became a mother in 2017, I discovered that I had unknowingly embarked upon a journey of starting over, in a sense. As parents, we have the unique opportunity to review our own childhood experiences as we walk alongside our little ones and continue to grow as they do. A sense of wonder came over me while I began to rediscover the world as if through new eyes. That wonder is something I believe I will forever carry with me.

This project was birthed out of an overflow in my own heart. Shortly after my son was born, I started a blog to share the thoughts that seemed to pour out of me as I learned lesson upon lesson about the simple centralities of life.

It wasn’t long before I stumbled upon Magda Gerber’s beautiful philosophy called RIE®/Respectful Parenting — and my world has never been the same. 

The principles of Respectful Parenting have greatly contributed to what I view as the foundation for raising a future full of competent, authentic, empathetic people — ourselves, as parents, included. Doesn’t that sound like a more beautiful world, to say the least?

So, welcome! I’m so glad you found your way here. And I hope you’ll join me on this journey of taking little steps that contribute to your own WHOLEHEARTED HOME, as I continue to build mine.

Remember: The greatest joy of all can be found in the unfolding.

Want to know more about my journey?

What is a wholehearted home?

A wholehearted home is a place where each individual is cherished for who they are.

I believe it is important to preface this description with the disclaimer that a wholehearted home is not a perfect home — there is no such thing. For, when hearts are involved, there is always potential for pain to be caused, as well as experienced. So, rather than striving for perfection, let us choose to take steps towards wholeness. 

A wholehearted home is founded upon mutual trust, respect and commitment to connection. This allows meaningful and sustainable relationships to be established, and creates space for the unfolding of authentic individuals who are honest, empathetic, and true to themselves.

In a wholehearted home, we focus our efforts on developing a nourishing environment that provides a safe place for the treasures within to spring to life. 

As parents of a wholehearted home, we approach our children with a sense of wonder and genuine curiosity, choosing to view the world through their eyes. We believe that “we teach who we are“ and perceive the journey alongside our young ones as an invitation for our own inner reflection and growth.

In a wholehearted home, love and affection cannot be earned nor lost — who we are is enough.